I am working on this article daily, it will take a very long time. if you have any idea of contributions, please let me know evanparker@hotmail.com. I would love some help, seeing how i plan to make this a lenthy section.

I also need some jaded old punk rocker to do the 1980-2000 section. I want to detail the improvments allston has made in the last 20 years, as well as what is is missing.

I will post updates as i do them, and it will be partial for a few weeks while i get the info into this section I need to have here.

This is just a basic outline of topics I will be covering.

1700-1800: The beginings of Allston

-Establishement of land plots

-Existance as a “Little Cambridge”

-Establishment of the train depot

-influential families/land owners

1800-1870: Wealth moves in

-Establishment as a town

-Boston/Worcester Railroad

-Dividing the first plots of land

-Influential families

-Rise of the Beacon Trotting Park

1870-1910 Commercialization

-Depression in 1973

-Fall of the Beacon Trotting Park

-Commercial Expansion

-Construction of Commonwealth Ave

-Agricultural plots cut and developed into smaller house plots

-Change from well-to-do hangout to immigrant streetcar suburb

-Arrival of street cars

1910-1945 Modernization

-Packards corner

-Boston’s automile

-Arrival of BU



-Flight of residents to suburbs after WWII

-Increase in automobiles


2000: The future of Allston

mayweather vs cotto what is welding

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